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Our poems give the recipient a gift on receipt, and live with them for years to come.

"[My boyfriend] read [the poem I got for him], he read it again & I think he read it again. There was this great look on his face of: what?/how?/huh?/love. [He] loves this poem so much. He got it framed the next day - and it sits on the mantle above the fireplace. What a great little treasure."

Craig, poem recipient

On being offered a poem: "I haven't had an offer that flattering in...ever!"

In a thank-you note, after: "I've never felt so poetic."

Brice Vilanch, poem recipient and gay icon

Our Poets

In 2019, we welcome & honor our new cohort of Pride Poets:

Reg Clarkinia
Jennifer Cheng
Natalie Nicole Dressel
Jesus Daniel Cruz
Catherine Gewertz
Carla Rachel Sameth
Hank Henderson
Amy HS